Tarot Card Reading Workshop

Do you want to make a friend who is always at your disposal helping you with valuable guidances, helpful advice and better decision making? 

Tarot Cards can be such a friend for you! These set of cards can make your life easier. You can consult the cards before taking important decisions like buying a house or taking up a job. Take the help of the cards to know where to go on a holiday, whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage or when you will get married and so on!

Join our Tarot Card Reading Course to learn how to work with Tarot Cards to enhance your life.

In this two-week journey, you will learn:

  1. How to connect to Tarot Cards
  2. How to cleanse and energise the cards
  3. Meditation with the cards
  4. In depth meaning of the 78 Cards
  5. How to do readings
  6. 20+ spreads
  7. Numerology and tarot
  8. Astrology and tarot
  9. Timing of events
  10. Horoscope Reading
  11. Healing and spells with Tarot
  12. Giving remedies
  13. Attunement
  14. Connecting to your Guardian Angels
  15. Shielding and Cord Cutting


20th - 24th June


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Course Inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Class experience, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group