Something affecting your inner peace? Here are few questions to ask yourself

At times our inner wounding makes us take everything people say and do personally. Anyone saying things/ behaving a certain way / posting stuff on FB / Instagram is seen and construed as an indirect attack or rejection.

However, one must know that what’s within will reflect outward. The way a person is behaving or reacting to you has nothing to do with you. It is how they are – it simply is that way. You have to accept it as it is.

However, if it is affecting your inner peace, you need to ask yourself:

  1. Why is this affecting me?
  2. What is this teaching me?
  3. How can I grow and evolve from this situation?
  4. What must I do to achieve peace of mind?

Everytime we allow behaviours and actions of others to disturb our inner peace, it is an indication of inner or subconscious wounding from the past.

Awareness, Positive Mind-Set and Healing can help with that. If required, you can seek help and Therapy also. Afterall, we are responsible for our inner peace!

Love and gratitude

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