What are runes? 

The word rune is thought to quite literally mean ‘secret‘. Runes are angular letters that first appeared in Northern Europe. Each rune is a mystical symbol, whether they are mystical symbols that developed into a writing system, or letters that became mystical symbols is not known for certain. 

They are used as oracles for divination or magical charms. The knowledge of runes was passed from master to apprentice. 

In runes, each character represents a sound and a meaning. So, each rune has a hieroglyphic value as well as a phonetic value. This is the same as the Hebrew alphabet. This dual functionality allowed each rune to represent a mystical philosophy.

There are 24 Runes which we will learn unfolding in the workshop.  Learn the in depth meaning, rune casting, magical uses, secret formulas, bind runes and healing with Runes.

Stay tuned till we meet and learn to Roll the Runes!

The various aspects to be covered in the workshop include the following:

  1. The Origin of Runes 
  2. What are Runes? 
  3. Introducing Aetts 
  4. Elemental Links 5 Rune Symbols and Brief Meanings 
  5. Different Kinds of Rune Symbols 
  6. Rune Guidance 
  7. Healing 
  8. Runes and Various Connections 
  9. Healing Protection and Finance 
  10. Runic Kabbala- Tree of Life Reading 
  11. Ways of Casting Runes 
  12. Methods of transfer of Runic Energies 
  13. Grasp Runes as a guidance tool and start practicing them for self and others
  14. Interrelationship Reference Sheet 
  15. Added Notes given in class– Bind Runes 
  16. Added Notes given in class– Combination of Runes for various issues


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Announcing Soon​


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Course Inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Class experience, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group