Mokshapatt is a predictive dice game. The Ancient Vedic game of snakes and ladders where snakes represent the negative karmas that bring the player down and the ladder represents positive Karma that elevates the player. Each box on the board is seeped with wisdom from the Vedas. In ancient times when exact date and time of birth of people was not available, this Divination tool was used to provide predictions and Guidances to people. This divination tool is part of Indian oral tradition and there is little available in terms of documented knowledge which makes it so special and unique.

In this workshop you will learn about journey of a soul, creation of karma, various aspects of life and death from the Vedas, evolution of the soul, various levels of existence and soul purpose from a Vedic perspective. Connect with the energy of the board to navigate through the players soul journey, life path and karmic journey

After attending this workshop you will be able to do in depth and accurate soul path and Karmic Readings for self and others, give Guidances and remedies, answer any kind of questions including timing of events. You will also learn correlation between Mokshapatt and Vedic Astrology and learn how to do to horoscope prediction. Mokshapatt connection with Numerology will also be touched upon. The board will be shipped to your residence prior to the workshop (so register ASAP) and you will receive a certificate of completion after the workshop. 

1 hour x 10 classes. 


21st - 25th March


6 - 8 pm


On Request



Course Inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Class experience, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group