India has always been a contributor of spiritual arts and occultism to the world. Mokshapatt, Gyaan Chaupad or Param Pada is one such lost art that comes from ancient India. Mokshapatt is a Vedic divination board. The Board looks like the Snakes and Ladders game -ladders represent good karmas and snakes represent negative karmas. This was used as a tool of guidance in Ancient India which in the modern world has found its way into our lives as a plain and simple Board Game. Each of the 72 boxes on the board represent deep philosophy and wisdom of the Vedas from a Karmic perspective.It helped people to understand their life path and take action to neutralise the negative karmas.

There is little background information or written documentation available for this lost art – most of the knowledge has been passed on through oral folklore traditions of Guru-Shishya. When I learnt Mokshapatt a few years ago, I was taken into another time – and I knew that this is not the first time I am learning this – I have done this in my previous lifetimes. The Connection to the board was instant and the wisdom flowed easily, readings happened seamlessly.

However, my deep connection to the board came alive during my recent trip to the Chennakesava Temple at Belur, Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built by the Hoysala dynasty around a 1000 years ago.

As soon as I stepped into the courtyard of the temple a feeling of familiarity enveloped me and I was transported to another day and age. As I walked into the temple, I was shown a celebration, where the exotic dancers adorned the dance floor, the temple decorated beautifully and crowded with people praying and celebrating. The mesmerising beats of the mridangam reached my ears and the dancers on the temple wall seemed to come to life. As I stepped outside into the courtyard, I was shown a bevy of people scattered everywhere, playing the Game of life or ” Mokshapatt”. The board was like a scroll on a piece of cloth accompanied by a wooden dice and cowrie shells.

The celebration was none other than Vaikuntha Ekadashi or ” Moksha Ekadashi” and the game was being played to get an insight into the karmas of the player. Will they get to visit vaikuntha loka soon? (i.e. Attain Nirvana or be one with the Supreme God Vishnu) This also gave me an understanding that this was also a tool of spiritual knowledge and guidance for common people – not just restricted to sages and gurus!

Many of my unanswered questions about Mokshapatt were answered during this vision and I still continue to download insights about this marvelous lost art. I have also received awareness that the Hoysala kings had converted to Jainism for sometime – this is probably how the leela of snakes and ladders reached the Jain Saints as Gyaan Chaupad.

My research is on as I navigate through the physical and astral realm – will share more soon!

Love and Gratitude,