Lo-Shu Grid Numerology

For every person, four directions are auspicious and the other four are inauspicious, since every person’s biological and chemical cycles are determined according to his birth and remain unchanged till his death.

The legend goes that one of the great emperors of China once found a tortoise shell during a flood of the river Lo. This was a highly auspicious omen as the people in those times believed that God lived inside tortoise and turtle shells. This particular tortoise shell had extraordinary markings – it contained a perfect, three-by-three square on its back. This square is known as the Lo Shu grid. This square was remarkable because every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row added up to fifteen. Fifteen is the number of days between the new moon and the full moon. The number five was highly regarded in ancient China and this magic square contained a five in the central position.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the Lo Shu grid  formed according to the symbols found on the shell of the tortoise is an incredible approach to help you examine your life and future.

Topics To Be Covered:

  1. History on Lo Shu Grid
  2. Meaning of Numbers
  3. Repetitive Numbers
  4. Elements and Numbers
  5. Direction and Numbers
  6. Positive Arrows
  7. Negative Arrows
  8. Numbers and Colours
  9. Yin/ Yang Energies
  10. Personal Years
  11. Remedies
  12. Kua Numbers
  13. Indian Lo-Shu Grid


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Announcing Soon​


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