Dream Therapy

We all dream at night. Most times these dreams are weird. At times they are unpleasant. At times they are happy. Some dreams are repetitive. You may see some animal or person or plant in your dreams everytime. What does it all mean? 

If you are intrigued about dreams and want to unlock the science behind dreams, then join this workshop where we will learn how to interpret dreams, use them to our advantage, do healing and learn several well-kept secrets about dreams. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn Lucid Dreaming & Programming Dreams being in awake state within the dream to create changes and profound healing!

Also, did you know dreams are a reflection of our sub-conscious mind? So what other psychology is there behind dreams? If you’re a healer or counselor, this workshop can help throw up an in depth study of your client. Recommended workshop for anyone who wants to delve into the science of dreaming. 

You Learn:

  1. Dream Interpretation
  2. Astral travel
  3. Dream Symbology
  4. Sending a dream to someone
  5. Secrets of dreaming
  6. Dream Programming
  7. Connecting to your angels through dreams


25th - 26th June


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Course Inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Class experience, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group