Cowries Divination & Omenology

Cowries represent the protection field of Goddesses , and is a highly powerful divination tool. They have a deep connection with the strength and power of the Ocean and the moon.  Ii is an Indian oral tradition where the knowledge was passed on from the teacher to the student orally. The Laxmi cowrie + 24 supporting cowries, give a mapping of grace + karmas + free will in a given situation.

Explore various traditions associated with the cowries divination . Learn simple spreads for answering questions,  get clarity and clear directives through wisdom and knowledge.

Cowries Divination is an ancient Indian divination originating around 800 AD. 25 consecrated cowrie shells are casted on a silver plate to reveal & indicate the entire process of happening. 


  1.  Consecration of Cowries
  2. Setting the energy field & preparation
  3. In depth knowledge and understanding about how to do various types of Cowrie casting & reading
  4. Learn how to give guidances & predictions.
  5. Understanding omens & practice sessions.


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Announcing Soon​


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Course Inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Class experience, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group