Akashic Records Teacher’s Training Workshop

If you are a Practioner of Akashic Records and would like to drive deeper into the realm of the Akasha or want to teach this beautiful course you can join this comprehensive instructors training course.

You will learn:

  1. Initiation and mentorship of Akashic Studies
  2. Attunement into Mastership with the help of a divine symbol
  3. Course materials
  4. Knowledge, guidance and practice of Reading the Records
  5. Framing of questions to receive relevant information
  6. How to enhance connect with your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones
  7. Knowledge, Guidance and practice of healing using the records
  8. Knowledge, Guidance and Practice of Ancestral healing
  9. Knowledge, Guidance and Practice of Exploring space in between lives
  10. Knowledge, Guidance and practice of meeting your past life incarnation/ avatar
  11. Knowledge, Guidance and practice of manifesting using the records
  12. Learning karmic lessons through the Akasha
  13. Meditations
  14. Raising your psychic ability and Clair senses
  15. Learn how to teach effectively and efficiently
  16. Certification


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Announcing Soon


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Course inclusions: Manual, Certificate, Workshop experience on Zoom, Class Recordings and WhatsApp support group