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I’m Sunainaa Agrawwal

Spiritual mentor & Wellness Coach

If you want more from your life and are ready to go deeper, to be encouraged, supported, and inspired to step fully into your power, then you’re in the right place. I can help you unlock your dormant genius and come in alignment with your soul’s desires.

Psychological Counsellor

If you’re feeling stuck in life and have no idea how to change things, I have the tools to empower you to create the changes you are seeking in your physical, mental, emotional and financial space.

Award Winning Healer & Motivational Speaker

Tools & techniques to resolve anything in your life that is not working for you and help you become a better version of yourself through coaching, counseling and healing. I do this through my one on one sessions and group seminars and courses.

Unlock your dormant genius & come in alignment with your soul’s desires.

Why Choose Sunainaa Holistic Healing?



Grow as a


Holistic healing system helping in alignment of mind, body & soul

All the sessions are facilitated from a space of non judgment and unconditional love to help you manifest your desires with ease and transform your life completely.

Awaken to the energy of unconditional love & possibilities

~ Sunainaa Agrawwal

Lives Transformed
Transform your life

Unleash the magic within you

Workshops Conducted
Years of Experience

Sub-conscious Transformation

Our workshops & healing sessions prompt subconscious transformations that begin at root level

Healing Tools

Various healing tools & techniques used to bring about visible, emotional as well as spiritual transformation

Spiritual Alignment

Getting you in sync with your inner being as well as your spiritual side through healing & workshops

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